Affordable life insurance rates are available.

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  1. […] Unless you are very sick a no exam policy is not in your best interest.  AARP promotes  life insurance called NYLAARP which doesn’t require lab results and medical records to determine price. Therefore they assume everyone to be below average in health which correlates to high prices. The only people that would benefit from NYLAARP for their life insurance would be someone who can’t qualify elsewhere. Someone who has been declined for health reasons and or someone who is older and hasn’t been to the doctor in over a decade. The easiest way to confirm whats best is to compare and shop multiple companies through an independent broker. […]

  2. […] I attended a handful of conferences and sales meetings with National Agents Alliance and the biggest turn off for me was Andy Allwrong and his loyalists using religion and prayer during the business meetings. Newsflash- not everyone in the United States is Christian and shares the same beliefs as you. I was totally disgusted by this aggressive effort to push their religious views on me as I was trying to make a living. I like religion and believe in it, but religion is a private matter and there is no room for it in business. The only positive to come from this was I got my career started and learned what not to do with my business as an independent life insurance broker. […]

  3. […] Sometimes, you may have the opportunity to buy MPI from your savings and loan lender, but since most the mortgages these days are sold onto secondary markets, usually the MPI offer will come from an insurance company just specializing in this product. This being so, you, as the consumer, can shop for really what is the best option for you and not for the lender or the insurance company. If you want the insurance coverage why not really get ultimately the best product for you and your finances by shopping with an independent life insurance broker. […]

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