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Reasons to be Wary of Primerica (also known as Prime America)

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Primerica or, as some refer to them, Prime America. This article is our review of Primerica and their life insurance products. Primerica (also known as Prime America) is a very well-known name in the life insurance industry. Many consumers, however, find their life insurance is overpriced with lots of fine […]

Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics

Life Insurance for Diabetics Contrary to popular belief, life insurance for diabetics is readily available at great rates if you control your blood sugars.   It is very common that those suffering from diabetes or even those needing affordable life insurance for smokers, do not obtain quotes because they believe they will not be approved. […]

Is a 412e3 Defined Benefit Pension an Overlooked Retirement Plan?

412e3 defined benefit pensions

What is a 412E3 Fully Insured Defined Benefit Pension Plan? Defined benefit pensions under the Internal Revenue Code Section 412(e)(3), also known as 412e3 plans, offer small business owners tremendous overlooked benefits and deductions for setting up a fully insured defined benefit retirement pension. Benefits that are so substantial, deductions that are so tremendous that it […]

What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance     What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance? Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is a no questions asked life insurance policy. When it comes to these policies, you are not required to answer any medical questions about yourself, everyone qualifies. There are only a few minimal requirements to qualify for Guaranteed Issue […]

Are you Shopping Low Cost Term Life Insurance?

    Low cost term life insurance is easy to attain when you utilize an independent life insurance broker like Goldsmith Insurance Agency. We have access to over 75 of the nation’s top rated life insurance companies such as Banner Life and that correlates to providing you the best possible rates with the best life insurance […]

Who Needs Life Insurance for Elderly?

Life Insurance for elderly is becoming more popular as life expectancy has increased. The good news is if you are elderly and looking for affordable life insurance you can feel secure knowing that there are great options available. Most would assume that seniors and elderly already have their final expenses planned but unfortunately many don’t.  […]

Before you buy Farm Bureau Life Insurance, shop and compare

For a long time out in the farms of America, Farm bureau had a virtual monopoly on providing life insurance. The risks associated with farming and how to calculate proper coverage was really only understood by underwriters of agricultural focused insurance carriers. Likewise, the only real agent that would visit a farm family, and who […]

Is Life Insurance for Parents Important?

Life insurance for parents life insurance for parents. Have you ever thought about life insurance for parents? Do your parents have their final expenses planned out? Most baby boomers are living longer and many are outliving their savings. As long as you have a direct interest in the life of the person in question you […]


Ohio National is highly rated Life Insurance Company that has been around for over one hundred years with a wonderful and successful history.  Their individual life sales business has grown for a remarkable 21 years straight. Even with our economy, they are still a growing, vibrant company. When one is looking for life insurance coverage, […]

State Farm Life Insurance Quotes are Expensive

I have some friends in Denver who called me last year to shop their state farm life insurance quotes. They wanted to increase coverage now that they had a growing family and a new home. They contacted me to compare rates as there are many options when considering life insurance and it’s usually not in […]

Is Primerica life insurance good or bad?

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Primerica.  This article is our review of Primerica and their Life Insurance Products.   I receive lots of emails about Primerica, also referred to as Prime America. Do I get questions wondering why they don’t sell permanent insurance?  Mostly I get calls from Primerica policyholders asking why their rates have […]

Where can you find life insurance rates by age?

Life Insurance Rates You can find life insurance rates by age from an independent life insurance broker who will shop and compare multiple companies. Term life insurance is one of the most valuable weapons that you have in your arsenal to provide for your family, no matter what your age is.  Your age can help […]

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