Don’t buy Globe Life Insurance without reading this article!

Most consumers cringe over the thought of purchasing life insurance, the last thing a consumer needs when searching for the best products and pricing is an ad with small fine print and or a misinformed agent promising cheap insurance.  Globe Life Insurance Company has a handful of marketing pieces that all consumers should review thoroughly before buying life insurance. We also have reviews available such as with New York Life Insurance should you be interested.

Many also believe that they should not even attempt to purchase life insurance because of their smoking habits, this is not true, and we can help you find affordable life insurance for smokers!

  • $1 buys $50,000 of life insurance, really?  I know there are Dollar General Stores all over the country selling items for one dollar, but I don’t think that should translate into consumers believing they can actually get good cheap life insurance for one dollar. Globe Life Insurance offers the first month’s coverage for one dollar and then subsequent months are priced based on age. I would never want to protect my children or wife in case of my early demise off of a one dollar investment, would you?  And would you feel comfortable planning a funeral on that same dollar? With technology today it’s so easy to compare insurance by looking for a life insurance quote from an independent broker. Have you thought about if your parents have planned for their funeral costs?  Our agents can help you whether you are purchasing insurance for you or your parents.
  • Some Globe Life Insurance rates and policies are not long term level guaranteed premiums. The term pricing advertised for Globe Life Insurance is based on the first five years and  therefore you are only buying a five year guaranteed price. Unless there is a need for only five years of coverage, pricing ten, twenty and in some cases  thirty year level term policies from companies like Banner Life Insurance or Snoopy at Met Life which guarantee rates for the entire level period are probably more affordable. As an example when pricing fifty thousand ($50,000) of twenty year level term @ Banner Life Insurance,  (I am a preferred best risk) I qualify for rates under eleven dollars per month that will remain level for twenty years . Globe Life Insurance charges thirty-six dollars per month for their cheap term life insurance and no where on their website do I see that they disclose that the thirty-six dollars per month price is only good for five years, and then five years later when I turn forty-one the price increases to forty-five dollars per month and so on. ( I got this info by calling their toll free # and asking) Before obtaining a quote from companies like State Farm Life Insurance, let us help answer some questions you may have to better assist you in making a final decision.
  • No exam applications .  For healthy folks, if you buy life insurance over the phone or through the mail and there are no medical records exchanged nor exams administered you are buying a cheaper life insurance product in which every applicant is pigeon holed into a substandard risk class on a black and white approval basis.  The no exam policies sold through Globe Life Insurance and other life insurance companies (Monumental Life, Colonial Penn, Fidelity Life) assume the consumer to be below average in health and therefore over charge the healthy for coverage. The flip side is that some consumers are not in perfect health and there are some circumstances in which a policy without physical or medical records makes sense. The best ammunition for the consumer is to compare insurance and shop. Find an independent life insurance broker who can provide multiple life insurance quotes.
  • Compare rates with a licensed independent life insurance broker. When a consumer contacts a company like Globe Life Insurance, the consumer only gets Globe Life Insurance Quotes. If the same consumer calls an independent life insurance broker like me, the consumer will get rates from all the life insurance companies which allow them to compare insurance, avoid getting cheap life insurance, and review quotes from all the top insurance companies in the world.

When shopping for life insurance it’s best to compare multiple companies such as Primerica Life Insurance CompanyNew York Life and AARP. Globe Life Insurance Company is one of many that use marketing pieces that all consumers should review in depth to compare before making their next purchase. In order to insure that you are getting the best product and price seek out an independent life insurance broker who can help you obtain multiple free life insurance quotes.

Broader Information on Globe Life Insurance Company

While their marketing leaves something to be desired, it is important to know more about the company.  Here is the best information we can


Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company has been in the business of offering life insurance products to its customers since 1951. For more than 65 years, Globe Life has grown and built its solid reputation by paying out claims and helping families go on following the loss of a loved one.

The company began when two individuals pooled a $60,000 start-up investment of borrowed capital in order to offer the best accident and health insurance to those who resided in rural Oklahoma. Throughout the years, the company has grown to be one of the more reputable life insurance carriers in the marketplace.

This carrier currently holds more than $69 billion in insurance in force, and it has more than 3.9 million policyholders. Because of its solid financial standing and its great reputation for paying out claims to its policyholders, Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company also has very high ratings.

Products Offered Through Globe Life

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company offers a wide variety of products for its customers. These include life insurance for both adults and children, as well as Medicare Supplement coverage.

For adults, Globe Life offers both term and whole life insurance protection. With term life insurance, policyholders are offered pure death benefit protection at an extremely affordable premium price. In fact, Globe Life and Accident Company offers a cost of only $1 for the first month on term life insurance protection for coverage of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000. After the first month, the premium rate will be based upon the policy holder’s age at the time of policy issue.

With these term life insurance plans, the rate will never increase during the policy period. The application process is easy, and it only has just a few health questions to answer. These plans also offer a 30-day month back guarantee. Therefore, if the policyholder is not satisfied with his or her policy for any reason, then they can just simply return the policy within the first 30 days, and Globe Life will refund their premium that was paid in.

Whole life is also available for adults through Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company. With a whole life insurance policy, a policyholder will obtain death benefit protection, along with a cash value component. The cash value is allowed to grow on a tax-deferred basis. This means that the gain in the cash value is allowed to increase without being taxed – until the time it is withdrawn. This can allow these funds to grow and compound exponentially over time.

For those who wish to protect their children with life insurance coverage, Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company also has plans for kids. The Young American Plan is a whole life insurance policy that will protect a child for up to $25,000 in coverage that will also build up cash value within the policy. This is cash value that grows on a tax-deferred basis – allowing the child a saving for the future that will not be taxed on the growth until the time it is withdrawn.

For only $1 the first month’s premium can be paid. After that, the rate will be based upon the child’s age at the time of policy purchase. Then, the rate will be locked in and guaranteed to never increase – regardless of the child’s increasing age or any change in health down the road. And, as with Globe Life’s other life insurance plans, the Young American Plan also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

For policyholders who wish to increase their coverage in the case of an accident, Globe Life also offers Accidental Death coverage. Those who are between the ages of 18 and 69 can lock in their coverage – that is because acceptance is guaranteed. These individuals can obtain up to $250,000 in added protection. There is no medical exam necessary, and the premiums on this coverage are guaranteed to never go up.

Many individuals purchase life insurance for the purpose of paying off large debt such as their mortgage. For this reason, Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company offers mortgage protection insurance. If, due to an accident, a policyholder is suddenly unable to pay their mortgage payment, having up to $350,000 of accidental death coverage can be a great help to their loved ones. With this policy, the premiums will never go up – for any reason – and, acceptance is guaranteed if the policyholder is between the ages of 18 and 69.

27 Responses to Don’t buy Globe Life Insurance without reading this article!

  1. My wife just found out that with Globe Life reading the unwritten fine print is essential. She has been paying premiun on her mom for many years. To her surprise it was term that expire at age 80.

  2. i have had globe life on my son since he was about 8 or so my mother started it on my 2 children and in her passing i carried over to me to pay just recently they would send me my premium and on there they would say up your policy 5000. more for just a few dollars more so i did i had gotten 25,000. on my son and in August of 2012 he had a car wreck and was killed but they are fighting me on my other 10,000. they say they have to do further medical records and investigate that wasn’t in the contract if they do not honor the rest of my money i will not recommend them to anyone

  3. I am writing thos while on hold for a service agent at Globe Life. I have been on hold for 36 minutes and still waiting to pay my premium on line. I am getting mpre furious as i wait wondering whyi have to take this abuse to pay someone. I will be giving says:

    It has now been 45 minutes and still holding and about to give up. By the way I was in the Insurance business for over 50 years and just to let you know that part of selling is not only the product but includes service. I think that you have not met at least50% of the requirements. Thank God for independent agents for service, knowledge and product information.

  4. I have been a customer of Globe Life Insurance Company since 2007. I am now looking at other insurance companies. Every phone call made to Globe Life Insurance has been a 20-55 minute wait before reaching a phone agent. Globe Life has “misapplied” my payments over 3 times. I do not recommend Globe Life Insurance.

  5. globe life crooked company. had life insurance on my daughter. she died heart failure and was in good health before she died,globe life wont pay funeral home.DONT BUY LIFE INSURANCE FROM GLOBE


  7. Thank goodness people get on here and expose this crooked company, saving others a great loss of time and money! Thanks to all for posting!

  8. A frien d of mine had a policy thur Globe life, , he became I’ll and past last month paid into this company for three years…we had to scrape to have a service. But such is the way of large companies they get rich on the backs of the poor. And to the customer service clerk who was rude, I pray for you.

  9. WOW!! Thank you are for taking the time to write what you are went through with Globe life insurance. I received a request to join Globe through the mail. It sounded great until I got on here and did little homework. Thank you all for saving me the hassle, the pain and money. USMC Retired

  10. Received app for mortgage ins from globe (they gleaned the info from public records in my state) The cost was very low for $60,000 but while reading the small print I saw that the benefits were guaranteed never to be reduced until age 70. Hell, I’m 72 now! so I’m not even eligible (guess they can’t get your age from public records) This is the 3rd company that I have received information from (one was to reduce the payment amount) Anyone can pay to get your info from public records at your local courthouse. (you can get the info too – if you want to pay) I think this is scandalous the our information has a price – if they can pay – they can get it.

  11. Thank you for posting this . I was filing out the form for Globe life Ins. And decided to look up website information and I came across this review list. After hearing so many “real ” people add their responses , I’m going to be more carefull about who I choose. I ripped up and tossed the application , I’m glad now I read this before I mailed my paperwork and became another dis-satified customer. Thank You .

  12. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I read your info this am.
    Got the $1.00 policy from Globe life and was about to pay my monthly premiumm on 800 number, but it stayed busy for so long, decided I did not want to have to go thru this when have questions. I hope I have better luck with agent. There’s nothing like personal agent!

  13. I want t thank all the considerate people on here who gave an honest and clear rating on this globe company. I almost fell for it; but being an insurance verification clerk in my employment I knew it was too good to be true. So I did some research. I will be speaking to an agent soon. Thank you all once agan!

  14. My mother had life insurance on my father through Globe Life. When he died they refused to pay. It was only $5000. Their excuse was that he was in bad health when she bought the insurance. She didn’t know that! She bought it on herself and him at the same time. My father wasn’t in great health- he had COPD but she had no idea he was going to die in a few years. He was working the day before he went into hospital and died a week later. To my amazement, she refused to cancel her Globe Life policy and is still paying it – 15 years later.

  15. I just got my policy for life and accident insurance from Globe. I understand I have 30 days to review . It came into my mine to search online reviews for Globe company and to my surprise, numbers of clients are unhappy and were not paid of their claims. I thought of investing life insurance for the security and protection of my family, but knowing of some feedbacks here, I have second thoughts of pursuing the policy

  16. I took out a policy on my son. He is 37 yrs old and single. I thought it would be best to take out a life ins. I sent in the first payment but then read reviews online. I called to cancel it. I was told that I could not cancel it since it was in his name. I TOOK THE POLICY OUT AND SENT THE PAYMENT IN. So I told her that. She kept saying “he” had to cancel it. I said “since I took it out and I am the one paying I just won’t pay it. ” (Glad I didn’t give bank information”! they are now calling every other day. This started in March. They still won’t stop. How do I get them to STOP!

  17. My mother passed in 2012 with a globe life insurance policy for $5k.
    When she applied she clearly stated on her application that she had “PRE-EXISTING” condition !!!

    They still left policy in effect and continued to take her monthly payment.

    UNTIL, she passed away, of course you know what happened I got left and still owe her very reasonable extremely reasonable funeral arrangement bill of $4800 or so dollars. Fortunately my step-father was former military and she was buried with him, the funeral parlor owner is still holding the bill (a christian woman whom I befriended and fully intend to correct ! I am an only child so I had no help SHAME ON GLOBE LIFE SHAME ON ALL OF THOSE WHO PROFIT FROM OTHER PEOPLES SORROW SHAME ….GOD IS WATCHING !!!

  18. I have been paying on life insurance for my grandchildren from when they were born. I just called them to find out about the 17 year olds policy. We were told that it would have a cash value. I have been paying on it for 17 years. They just told me it has no cash value until he is 26. I asked what it would be then and she said $10.00. Needless to say when the policies become due they will not be paid whatsoever on all 5 of the grandchildren. What a ripoff.

  19. Just off the phone with this company, Globe Life, because I applied for a policy. BIG MISTAKE!! I have all the calls that I made with them over the phone recorded, for my own personal use and so my daughter could hear how it all works. They are nothing but LIARS! I applied for $20,000 and received a policy for $5,000, with premiums that went up every few years! I specifically asked all the questions, would premiums stay the same, when would the policy go into affect, and never one time was an ‘under writer” mentioned to me. I have all of my questions and all of their answers recorded, so I have proof they just LIE to people. The woman I just spoke with admitted to me that the sales people do not have to tell you everything because they just do sales! So in other words, they lie to get a sale, this is pathetic!! This was on another website I went to, and YES it is on their website….. Deceptive wording alert: Globe Life states its term life insurance on its website has:
    “A rate schedule that is guaranteed to never increase. The premium schedule you establish today will not change for any reason.” It is a complete lie, don’t trust this company at all!

  20. Globe is denying my mother her full policy now,we’ve already had 2 cancell the service for my brother,and trying to raise money to burry him,I wouldn’t suggest any body use globe insurance,I intend on filing a law suit,smh.

  21. My dad passed away peacefully thinking he left a little money to cover his funeral costs. Little did he realize Globe Life would not honor their agreement. They are a heartless company. If they have a question about someone’s policy they should take care of that while the person is alive instead of providing false peace and comfort. Then having the bereaved family deal with the letdown.

  22. My uncle received a letter in the mail with a returned check. He reached his 81st birthday and no longer has insurance. It’s ashamed the way this rip off company has taken his money all these many year and God has allowed my uncle to live on this earth longer than their miniscule fine print and deny him his coverage. I hope no one buys insurance from this rip off company ever again. I would like to see if these share holders would deny their family members coverage after a certain age but it wouldn’t matter cause they have all our hard earned money and their rich. BE WARE DON’T EVER BUY INSURANCE FROM THIS COMPANY. RIP OFF

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